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About Me: My Journey to Psychotherapy
Born in Vienna in 1983 and raised in a family with two siblings, my curiosity about the world and its diverse cultures was sparked at an early age. My Polish roots ignited a deep interest in understanding different ways of life, leading me on numerous adventures to countries like Argentina, Poland, France, and Australia. These experiences taught me to value the unique stories of each individual and recognize the universal longing for connection and understanding.
My fascination with the stories of the people I met, and the desire to delve deeper into what motivates us, guided me toward the path of psychotherapy. After a successful career in international project management, where I honed my communication and interpersonal skills, I decided in 2016 to follow my true calling and become a psychotherapist.
In my practice, I combine my passion for storytelling with my expertise to create a space where healing and personal growth are possible. I firmly believe that each of us has a unique story to tell, and that sharing and understanding these stories is key to deeper self-awareness and well-being.


My Professional Journey to Psychotherapy
My career in the psychosocial field is characterized by a profound dedication to supporting individuals across different
stages of life and with a variety of challenges. My experiences range from working with clients struggling with gambling addiction at "Spielsuchthilfe" in Vienna to working with children and adolescents, as demonstrated by my time with the
"Verein Kinderhilfswerk" and in the psychosomatic department for pediatric and adolescent medicine at the Landesklinikum Mödling. In parallel to my private practice I am currently enganged at sowhat - a competence center for eating disorders where I am working with patients diagnosed with anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating.

My training in systemic family therapy at the Austrian Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Studies (ÖAS), along with the Psychotherapeutic Propaedeuticum at the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna, has provided me with a solid foundation upon which I build my therapeutic work. My academic background in International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business further honed my ability to understand and navigate complex relationships.

In my therapeutic practice, I bring all these experiences together to offer a holistic and empathetic approach. I am committed to understanding each client´s uniqueness and developing customized pathways that enable genuine change and growth.

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